Stephanie Bowman suit SU29

Stephanie Bowman suit SU29

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PVC / Plastic Ladies Stephanie Bowman slimming suit!

In honor of Stephanie Bowman who produced a number of PVC slimming garments in the 1960's we have produced our own range. This is the ultimate ladies "slimming suit" designed to get you all hot and sweaty! This suit has a rear entry zip, elastication at the neck, chest, waist, cuffs, top of legs and ankles. Wear this suit under your day clothes and sweat away the hours! The zip is to be worn at the back.

Size Chest Hips
S 40" 39 ½ “
M 42" 41 ½ "
L 45" 44 ½ “
XL 47 ½ " 47 "
2XL 50 " 49 ½ “
3XL 52 ½ " 52“
4XL 55 ½ " 55"

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