Status Update and FAQ

 How our store works:

Shop by category!

 Whether you want PVC, latex, toys, leather, or any other fetish products, you will likely find it on our store! Look for the categories on the top of the store screen, or click on the burger menu on the top right (mobile).

Shop by search!

If you are looking for something specific, use our search function to look for them! Things to keep in mind, as many of our products are made in the UK, they may have terms that are different than what we are used to here in America. For example, panties in the US are called pants in the UK; hence pants in the US are called trousers in the UK. So when you do a search, make sure you try different search terms and you will get different and more results! (fun facts: "aluminum" is spelled and pronounced "aluminium" in the UK, color is "colour", hood of a car is a "bonnet", trunk of a car is a "boot"...we're still learning new terms as well!)

Questions with a specific item?

Shoot us a message here! But please make sure you give us the SKU of the product as we have so many variations of everything, so we know exactly what item you're talking about! If it's referring to an order, please enter your order number.

I made my order, now what?

Once you've finished the checkout process, you will be sent an email confirmation with the order number and the items purchased. If you did not receive one, please check your spam folder and make sure to white list our email for future order status updates. If you did not receive a confirmation email, we recommend that you contact us to make sure your order checkout was completed and received.  All orders are shipped when completely fulfilled, including orders that have both made to order and in stock items. In stock only orders typically ship withing 1-4 business days.

Order tracking?

We strongly recommend you sign up for an account on our store. It is free, helps you save by accumulating reward/cash points from every order, and best of all, keep track of your order history and statuses. If you do not sign up, no biggie either. Once an order is shipped, you will receive an email containing the shipment tracking details.

I got an error while trying to pay?

99.9% of the time if an error occurs at checkout, it is likely that the credit card used was declined. Reason may vary but most commonly it is not filling in the billing address correctly. Remember, most banks do not accept PO Box addresses as a billing address when you applied for the credit card. If your payment was declined, it is possible that the transaction will still show up on your credit card statement for a few days as a "temporary authorization". Temporary authorizations are exactly like the name entails, they are temporary (it's a way credit systems use to check for funds availability) and usually goes away in a few business days, or when the transaction is completed when you complete the checkout process successfully. Temporary authorizations is not a charge to your account. It will clear automatically if no further purchases were made. To learn more  about temporary authorizations, click here.

I'm confused about what size I should get?

Items have their sizes listed in the description (on mobile, the description needs to be clicked to open), or are directly listed in the size selections. When in doubt, shoot us a message and we will be happy to help.

I'm confused about what the colors/color codes look like?

Click here for our visual color chart. Or if you prefer to see and feel the materials first before purchase, buy a set of sample swatch (or search for SKU XX01 using the search function).

In stock and ready to ship items.

All items we have are in stock and ready to ship, with the exception of "Made to Order PVC". In stock orders are typically processed in 1-4 business days and shipped via USPS.

How to tell what products are "made to order" items?

All items listed under the category "Made to Order PVC" are made when ordered. All made to order items have an option you have to click on to acknowledge that the item is made to order before adding it to cart (you won't miss it as the store won't let you add to cart until the option is clicked/checked). They also have a SKU number starting with the letters "NS".


USPS and production updates: We are shipping on time!

Get them quick and get them now! How to find in stock items?

All items on our store, with the exception of items under the Made to Order PVC category, are in stock and ready to ship. The item may also indicate "-IN STOCK-" in its title. Processing time is 1-4 business days. Current USPS delivery for continental US is around 2-6 business days.

  UPDATE 8/19/22 - current: Made to Order PVC production is not accepting custom requests other than minor sleeves and pants leg length alterations (fees apply).

UPDATE 8/24/20 - current: USPS delivery and international delivery.

Since the start of the pandemic, we've noticed USPS has a slower time updating their online tracking system, as well as occasionally having minor delivery delays. If you feel like your order is delayed in transit, please sit tight! From our experience, packages could arrive as late as 2 weeks after the ship date. For international orders, the delays may be as long as 2 months in certain countries, while some countries may not be deliverable at the moment (we will reach out if that is the case).

 Returns Policy
Customers can return goods if they are unsuitable within 7 days of purchase if the garment is the wrong size, colour or the style is not as ordered. It is the customers responsibility to return the goods back to MakeItKinky in the same condition as supplied.

We cannot be held liable for any lost or damaged goods in transit and no refund will be paid until the goods have been received, we therefore strongly recommend that a recorded (signed for) delivery service is used to return any goods. The clothing must be neatly folded back into the packaging, be clean, unworn, free from any damage including reaction marks to latex and PVC, and not subject to household smells such as cigarette smoke, cooking smells or animal smells. (Please note that PVC is porous and will easily absorb smoke or household smells). Items that are unsuitable for resale will not be refunded. Unfortunately due to health and safety rules we are unable to accept any returned underwear.

If the garment is simply the wrong size, when we receive the returned garment a new garment will be sent out with postage paid for by the customer. The garments have a warranty of 28 days, manufacturing faults must be notified within 28 days and can then be returned to us where they will be quality control checked and the defect either rectified or a replacement item will be sent free of charge. After 28 days, garments can be returned for repair for a small charge and postage which is payable by the customer.

If you have any questions, please submit an inquiry here along with your name and order number. Thank you.