Status Update and FAQ

PUL has new colors coming! 


Made to Order PVC: new colors are coming!

We are slowly but surely adding new exciting colors to our PVC range! We will admit, this process will take time as we have to go through each individual items to update its options with these beautiful materials. If you do not see the new colors in the item option yet, feel free to contact us and we can get you a custom invoice. Or, order as usual and enter the color you would like instead into the comments section at check out. We will always email you to confirm your selection.

The new colors are:

BKS5: Shiny Black thick 0.400 microns. Very heavy and rubbery! Available in most coats and the TR07 trousers.
BKS7: Shiny Black Thin 0.120 microns Very thin, ideal for PVC sheaths! Not available in coats, but in pants, skirts, and tops!
VIP3: Maroon 0.150 microns (copy of 1980's Jeantex material) Full Range.
GRP6: Pearl Green 0.150microns (copy of 1980's Jeantex material) Full Range.



USPS & Covid updates: We are open and shipping on time!


All items on our store, with the exception of Made to Order PVC, are being processed and shipped within 1-4 business days.

All in stock items are shipping on time! Current USPS delivery for continental US is around 2-6 business days.


Get them quick and get them now! How to find in stock items?

All items on our store, with the exception of items under the Made to Order PVC category, are in stock and ready to ship. The item may also indicate "-IN STOCK-" in its title.


 UPDATE 8/26: Made to Order PVC production is accepting orders!

Due to UK COVID-19 regulations, production had temporarily stopped back in March. But starting 5/11, they're back and all made to order items are now being accepted into the production queue! Turn around time is usually up to 35 days.


How to tell what products are made to order items?

All items listed under the category "Made to Order PVC" are made when ordered. All made to order items have an option you have to click on to confirm that the item is made to order before adding it to cart (below size and color options). They also have a SKU number starting with the letters "NS".


UPDATE 8/24: USPS delivery and international delivery.

Lately, we've noticed USPS has a slower time updating their online tracking system, as well as occasionally having minor delivery delays. If you feel like your order is delayed in transit, please sit tight and from our experience, package could arrive as late as 2 weeks after the ship date. For international orders, the delays may be as long as 2 months in certain countries, while some countries may not be deliverable at the moment (we will reach out if that is the case).


If you have any questions, please submit an inquiry here along with your name and order number. Thank you.